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Mickey Mouse Rolled Sugar Cookies!

on April 6, 2012

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So for those of you that know I went on an “on the fly” trip to Disneyland. Had the most wonderful time & bought some Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutters! So yesterday I put my Pandora app on and started 🙂 I mixed the butter(softened in the microwave), sugar & eggs ( brown eggs from our smelly chickens of course)with the hand mixer. I watched my hands directly after touching the eggs. Idk who or when but someone drilled it into my brain MUST WASH HANDS AFTER TOUCHING EGG! It smelled rather nasty after that. Then the canned milk, flour, I put the flour in one cup at a time. Learned that the hard way a long time ago. Then the cream of tartar, soda, salt, nutmeg (love love love!) and vanilla. I always put in one more squirt of vanilla into whatever I make 😀 After that was all combined I put plastic wrap over the bowl & put it in the fridge. Now this recipe says you only have to let it be in the fridge for an hour. But Pat & I made dinner during this time so it was a little more than an hour. Ok so by the time that I got back to my cookies it was late. I am always baking in the middle of the night. Anywho my mother warned me not to spread the dough out too thinly. So the first batch I kept them rather thick. I baked them for about 10-12 min than pulled them out. They were way too thick. You could barely tell what the shapes were. For round two I rolled them out a bit more. They turned out better. For the third one I rolled them out thin then once I placed them on the cookie sheet I pushed the ears apart a bit & the fingers of the gloves & that turned out to be awesome! 🙂 Alright so while the final batch was cooling I got together my frosting. I used the left over frosting from the carrot cupcakes & chocolate. I put about half of the white frosting in a bowel then to get that yellow/orange Mickey Mouse color I used red & yellow color die. That was to be used for the stars, then the chocolate for the Mickey heads. Then for the gloves I used  the white. I frosted the stars first, then the heads then the gloves. I got better as I got along but I am still trying to get a hang of decorating. I know you are supposed to put the glob in the middle and work outwards but I’m still mastering making it look pretty lol. With the gloves I didn’t put too much frosting in them so you could really tell that they were gloves. I also put brown frosting in a ziplock & put the three lines on the gloves. This worked ok. The family really enjoyed them, so did my moms piano students. There were like two left when I got home from work today. Next time I would make sure to spread out the ears & fingers like I did in the final batch. I would also get black frosting. Making these cookies was a wonderful way to end off my Disney fun! 😀


One response to “Mickey Mouse Rolled Sugar Cookies!

  1. Paulie says:

    Your Mom just told me that you had a blog. I read each post and watched each slide show too! I love your site name . . . and didn’t know wordpress had blog space. (Mine are all at Google.) You can buy skinless chicken and I always buy boneless chicken breasts for cooking. I never use the mini cupcake papers and they come out fine just spraying the pans with Pam. Maybe you should write a cookbook one day with the recipes you cook because of your chicken and fish only dietary desires. . . if nothing else, it might make nice family gifts for all those cousins of yours and me too. Ü I love the slideshows. I have to tell you that I did find a few typos and one I thought was a bad typo, I realized was just a TEXTING abbreviation. Ü I don’t text so that was interesting for me to discover. I will check back and see what else you have cooked in the future. . . I haven’t been blogging a lot lately because I am making 300 neck scarves to give away on Thanksgiving. Almost have 100 made . . . started the day after Christmas in my spare time and while riding the bus. I also left a comment on the carrot cake one. Have fun cooking and writing your blog.

    Grandma Paulie

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