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Funny Bunnies

on April 8, 2012

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EASTER! So for Easter my family got assigned to bring a dessert to the big family shindig. So we made Funny Bunnies! They are carrot cupcakes with bunny faces! As usual I gathered the majority of my ingredients. And the battle of the carrot cake begins once again. And this time its more pathetic. So my to grate my carrots my mother & I find the hand-held grater that you spin. But of course the handle is mia so we had to go in the dark pit that is the plastic cupboard to try to find it. Taking way way too long. Once we found the missing piece I got right to work. Peeled the carrots & cut them into pieces that could fit. Ten minutes went by me trying my hardest & only the smallest amount came out. My mother said it looked like baby food. Plan B. Salad shooter. I got the regular sized salad shooter (even though the pieces of carrot were going to be bigger than I liked) and soon found out that it was broken. Plan C. Gigantic Salad shooter. And this was a tad bit ridiculous since I only needed 1 1/2 cup of the carrots. After that I lined the tin with the festive baking cups I bought. I than, in a large bowl, added the dry ingredients, flour, baking powder & soda, cinnamon & nutmeg 🙂 Then in a medium bowl I added the sugar,canola oil, brown eggs & vanilla. This was interesting to mix. Nasty & thick. Then I added this to my dry mix & also added the carrots. The carrots really stood out this time since they were so big. I then used my scooper (broken thanks to SOMEONE who used it for ice cream D:< ) Then baked them for 24 minutes. While I was doing this my Mama was preparing the candy.We did it a little differently then the book. I bought decorative eyes, for the ears & nose marshmallows, cheeks strawberry whoppers, bow ties gum & for the mouth red candies. With the help of Pat’s fancy pants knife she cut the marshmallows in half. It was more of a rolling motion to cut them so they wouldn’t squish in a weird way. She also cut the whoppers in half for each cheek. For the bow ties we soften them in the microwave but couldn’t swish them how we want just by hand. So we used cleaned needle nose pliers. This worked out fabulous!Well the first one my mother did & she tried to frost it before it was cool. lol. Melted bunny.  So after the cupcakes were baked & cooled we began decorating.We frosted them with just regular white frosting.  We tried to shape the ears & placed them on, they were oddly shaped. At first we used toothpicks to keep up the ears, but found that if we just placed them closer to the center of the cupcake it turned out fine & still left enough room for the face. We used pink frosting for the center of the ears, ghetto as it was we just used ziplock bags with a cut in the corner. We then placed the eyes on the face. These eyes seriously made our bunnies look like they were under the influence! Then the nose, mouth, awesome bow tie then chubby cheeks. My Mama thought they needed whiskers. So she made purple frosting, and we found that it turned out better if instead of doing three individual lines to do a  U then add the middle line. We haven’t tried any of them but I think they turned out pretty awesome! Next time I think I would try to find less crazy eye candies. But I loved the candies my Mama bought! I am excited to see what my family thinks! Happy Easter!!


One response to “Funny Bunnies

  1. Paulie says:

    Turned out nice but a awful lot of work for soothing that will be gone in less than 5 minutes!

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