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Apricot- Stuffed Chicken

on April 11, 2012

I should have been wise enough to not choose something “stuffed” so soon in my journey…. So I bought Chicken Dinners, a Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest magazine in hope of finding something interesting to make for dinner. I saw this recipe & skimmed through the directions and it SEEMED simple enough. So I got my ingredients together, and began. I started  with chopping the onion & celery. I used the chopper.I chopped a one piece of celery & even that was too much, the remainder went to the chickens. Then the onion, successfully with no tears! Then I put them aside. . I then drained my canned apricots. Let me tell you about these dang apricots, I had to go to multiple store to even find the stupid things. I knew it was going to be a bad idea, but I put a few pieces of apricot in the chopper. Mush. So for the rest of the apricots I hand chopped them. I put that aside. Then came the issue. The chicken. After I cut up the chicken I put the chicken in between two pieces of plastic wrap. You were suppose to beat it with a meat mallet. But since we didn’t have one sadly I had to use my dad’s tile mallet…. don’t worry I washed & and since the plastic wrap was on top it never touched it but still, I’m gonna buy me a meat mallet for next time. I beat them until I thought they were fine. Then I turned to what would be the stuffing. In a small saucepan I cooked the onion & celery in olive oil for about 5ish minutes. I loved that smell!!! Then I added the apricots (both the chopped & smushed) & 1/2 cup of herb seasoned stuffing mix. Then took it off the heat.I then put together the topping, just apricot jam & some vinegar. Then came the stuffing… it said spoon it evenly over chicken & wrap. So I attempted this. Soooo didn’t work. So my dad came in & beat the chicken. That was better. They needed to be thinner then I originally beat them. But let me tell you it makes it seem like the folding is easy. It so was not. I just winged it because every time I tried to fold it pretty didn’t work. So I gave up on the idea of it looking good & hoping it tasted good right there. I put them on the top rack of the bbq & hoped for the best. Every couple of minutes I would spread the apricot jam mix on top of it. After the first 10 minutes I flipped over the chicken & at this moment I realized I forgot to put in the ginger. It was supposed to put 1/4 tsp of the ginger in with the stuffing. Opps. Whatever. Couldnt do anything about it. Then after the next 10 minutes the chicken was done. It looked a lot better than I thought it was going to, like by a lot! I cooked the remaining of the stuffing & got out the baked potatoes I started earlier in the day. Let see my mom liked it but said she wanted more apricot jam on hers ( there was left over so she could have but didn’t.. don’t ask me why) Nick said it as really yummy, & my dad said it was good. Lets see things that I would do differently. First off I would add the ginger lol, then of course use an actual meat mallet. And as my dad said ” your breast are too small, I think

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that’s the issue”.  So yes I would pick out larger chicken breasts & hopefully it would be easier to roll. It turned out ok.  Tasted really good, hopefully the next time I try this recipe they will turn out prettier!


One response to “Apricot- Stuffed Chicken

  1. Paulie says:

    I hate canned apricots and have a couple cans of them from commodity day that I would gladly give you. opened ne, thinking it was peaches for my cereal. YUK! I do love apricots right off the the tho. . . holler if you want the cans of them I have. . I will save them for you! I bet it tasted good tho.

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