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Knifty Knitter Flowers

on April 16, 2012

So I bought the flower loom some time ago but hadn’t made a flower yet. So on this lovely Sunday I decided I would give it a whirl. On the directions it says to use raffia. Raffia is not easy to find, I went to multiple stores to find it & when I did, I could only find it in the two colors I used & a nasty light green. Anywho to start I got all my supplies ready & put them on my new tray I got at work 🙂 And I brought it outside to enjoy some rays while I got my craft on. I took a quick glance at the directions that came with the loom & started to unravel the raffia. I thought it was all connected, one long piece of raffia, nope, just a bunch of smaller pieces. So the first thing I had to do was super glue pieces together. I hate using super glue just because I always make a mess. Then I started on my flower. I tied a loose knot on the outside peg then brought the raffia straight across wrapped it around that peg then brought it back and wrapped it on the peg next to where I started. I did that around and around until each peg had three loops on it. I got confused a few times and had to redo some. But after that I tied off the end to the piece I had tied to the outside peg. I then got out my brownish/black raffia & threaded that through the center for the inside of the flower, this held it all together. I tied that off then took the pegs out. When I made the baby booties I while back I thought I broke the flower loom or it was made cheaply, but I learned for the flowers if you were to pull the loops up and over the pegs it could ruin your flower if you are using delicate materials like the raffia. I’m not too certain what I will use this flower for, I like the idea best as a decoration, like a napkin ring. After I as done with that flower I was interested into what else I could use & how other materials would work. So I bought some red lion Martha Steward roving wool and made another flower. This was easier to deal with but could break if I wasn’t careful ( learned that the hard way) This time I did four loops on each peg & sewed the center more times around. This turned out amazing! I loved the colors and how the petals looked! When I showed my little brother he thought it was very cool & he suggested I use it as a hair accessory. I tried one more flower, this time switching the colors and having only two loops around each peg & it still turned out very cute! I’m excited to see what else I can use & what I will be able to use these flowers for. It was a rather easy craft, but I really liked the end result!

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One response to “Knifty Knitter Flowers

  1. Paulie says:

    That turned out adorable. Looks gret on your hairstyle too!

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