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Chicken in Lemon & Garlic

on April 19, 2012

Dinner! I had to go grocery shopping today for dinner. I picked up chicken breasts (I’m learning what is a good price per pound), an onion (I later found out we had some) two lemons & spanish olive oil. I couldn’t find fresh flat leaf parsley. Also I learned there is a difference between spanish & regular olive oil. Haha regular is healthier. Opps. I also picked up some bread. Before I started the chicken I used our special lemon tool. After that was done I started to cut up the chicken. I think I am getting better at cutting chicken. But I’m still paranoid that I’m going to cut my finger & get blood in the chicken. Ew. My dad asked for lots of chicken so I used the whole pack. It was a huge pile!I put rice in the rice cooker hoping everything would finish around the same time. I then cut up half the onion. I cut it up with a knife and thought if I used the chopper it would get pretty small. The chopper kinda sucked ( I used my dads mallet to chop since I have weak little arms) so I cut it up more with that knife then put it into a pan with the spanish olive oil & cooked that for 5 min. Then I added the chopped up garlic. Then added my beautiful chicken. I was supposed to  stir it untill all ingredients are lightly browned and then the issue. There was WAY too much liquid in the bottom so it wasn’t browning. So I tried to get some of it out with a turkey 

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  but it was taking too long. So my mom showed me how she gets rid of excess of liquid. During this I asked my brother to juice the lemons. He did it the ghetto way. I then added the lemon zest & juice and mixed everything together.  I buttered the bread & put it in the oven. I put salt & pepper on the chicken. Done! 😀 I put everything on the table then realized I forgot the parsley. Opps. I always forget something. So I added it after. The chicken was very good! The whole family loved it. My moms only complaint was that I didn’t make a vegetable to go with dinner. I liked it, I just was stressed out while I was making it so that kinda was a bummer.


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