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Red Velvet Cupcakes

on April 22, 2012

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So my brothers new girlyfriend asked to bake with me sometime, so we decided on the red velvet cupcake rescipe. When she arrived we took a quick stop at Albertsons and picked up a few things we didn’t have at the house. They literally only had Albertson brand cream cheese frosting (which we found rather odd). We also bought coca powder & buttermilk & a chocolate bar for decoration. When we get back we decided what caking cups we want (animal print) and get to work. First we combined the flour & salt. Then we measured out the cocoa power. The directions then state gradually stir food coloring into cocoa in a small bowl until blending and smooth. And what we got was not. We then realized we needed two 1oz bottles of red flood coloring & with all the red we had most likely only added up to 1oz. So off to the store we went. She had to drive this time since it might have been a very bad idea if I drove at this point. I was still wearing my apron. And to add to the fun of going back we could not find the food coloring! It wasn’t by the baking stuff, it was by the spices 😦 We also picked up some snacks.  Then back to the cocoa & flood coloring. This time it worked rather lovely. A very deep red. In another bowl we combined the buttermilk and vanilla. Then with an electric beater we beat the sugar and butter for four minutes. This seemed like a long time, but by the end it was very light and fluffy. Then came the nasty eggs, one at a time of course. We then added the red cocoa  mix to it. It was very odd looking!  Then the flour mixture. It started to look like ground beef, this really grossed Sarah out. Ok this next part we both thought was rather odd. In a bowl I mixed vinegar & baking soda, it bubbled. It said to gold into the batter and to no used the mixer. After all of that the batter looked very red and grainy. Very odd! We baked them for 20 minutes then repeated. Once they were cooled I frosted them then came the chocolate! Since my mother isn’t a big fan of coconut ( that’s what the recipe called for to top it with) I thought we could top it with chocolate. So what I did was use a potato peeler & carved out some chocolate for decoration! I was rather proud of myself at this point haha. These cupcakes were amazing! My brother ate one after the other, my parents loved them, my pharmacist loved hers too! I will most defiantly make these another time! I don’t think I wold do anything different with making them, just make sure I have all that I need so I don’t have to make more than one trip 😀 Oh and not to make a mess with the food die. Opps. Oh if you want the recipe just message me!


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