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Blue Suede Cupcakes

on April 23, 2012

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So I wanted to make some sort of dessert because I had planned on going to a bible study for the first time in a while and I wanted to bring something. I looked through The Cupcake bible & tried to find a recipe that I wouldn’t have to buy too many items for. I found the blue suede recipe. It had a lot of the same ingredients as the red velvet, but there was cream cheese. Later on I found out it is exactly the same as red velvet just with blue dye and the cream cheese was for making the frosting from scratch.I decided that I was going to make them mini size just to try them out like that. I put on my super cute Minnie Mouse apron my Gramma got me then like last time I did the dry ingredients, then stirred the food coloring into the cocoa powder.It was more of a teal color than I thought it was going to be. This time I was more careful to not make a huge mess, but of course I still got some on the counter 😦 Then the butter milk & vanilla. I forgot I had my awesome Mickey Mouse measuring spoons! I beat the sugar and butter for 4 minutes then the icky eggs. Then I mixed in the cocoa mix into the sugar mix. Now what I didn’t realize last time, in the directions it says to alternate with adding the buttermilk and the flour mix into the sugar mix. Last time I did all the flour and then all the buttermilk. Opps. Well at least I did it right this time. Then the baking soda & vinegar got folded into the blue mix.  I baked them for about 10 minutes. For the frosting I didn’t want to make it from scratch and I still had a whole can of it from the red velvet recipe so I just used that. I added some blue food coloring to make it blue. Then came the long task of frosting them all. I got better as I went along, but I still think frosting mini cupcakes are harder than regular sized ones. I decorated them with blue sugar 😀 Next time I make these I will make them regular sized, I’m not sure why but they seem like they aren’t right, they were good, but just not good enough. I’m thinking it may have to do with the fact that they were mini and maybe the size matters with this recipe. I’m not sure. Also with the dark blue color its kinda hard to see when they are done. I think I burnt a few of them :/ opps. But they turned out fine. Oh and the blue die stained my hands way worse then the red. Mesage me if you want the recipe.


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