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Garbage Pail Cookies

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So I chose Garbage Pail cookies for two reasons, it had M &Ms in them (yum) and it had crushed up potato chips in them (odd). First of all let me tell you trying to find Mini M &Ms is a pain! I had to go to FOUR different grocery stores! A lot of this recipe was prep. I chopped a whole bag of those snack sized bag of salted peanuts then put them aside. Then I got out my awesome Cars ziplock bag and started to crush up my chips. It was more effective to use a rolling-pin I found out. I soften my whole stick of butter in the microwave for about 19ish seconds. I then measured out my Reeces peanut butter chips & poured about three and 1/4th of the M&M tubes and I was pretty much set. I preheated the oven to 350 then beat the white cake mix(with pudding added in), butter, eggs (pretty clean), cinnamon in a bowl. And I almost made the mistake of using almond extract instead of vanilla! 😦 But I figured it out just as I was about to add it. It was the smell that gave it away. I beat that for about two minutes. Then with a rubber scraper I mixed in first the peanuts, then the Reeces Peanut butter chips, then M & Ms the more I added the more of an arm workout I got. The potato chips were last and made it pretty difficult, Once I got it how I wanted it I got out my scooper. For the first batch I tested out the cookies, to see how big they would get just to make sure they wouldn’t touch. They were fine. So for the remaining batches I added more cookies on the tray at a time. These cookies turned out ok. To me they seemed like a cookie you would eat at a party but not go back for more. They weren’t nasty but they weren’t awesome. I don’t think I will end of making these ones again but if you want the recipe message me. 😀


Chicken and Dumpling Casserole

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So I was suppose to actually make this dinner like a week ago.. but I had to stay late for work & then I just had a bunch of plans so anyway! My mother told me we had everything I needed for this recipe and I didn’t have to pick anything up on the way home from work. Oh wrongo was she. I needed basil, chicken broth, Bisquick and peas… so off to Albertsons I went. When I got home I started on the prep. Onions were chopped, with the practically useless chopper. Then the celery and cloves. I love putting my preped stuff in bowls so I feel like I’m on a cooking show! My mother was a sweetie and put my chicken in the fridge to defrost for me. It was to be cut it up in cubes. This went well 🙂 The chicken was perfect! Not to frozen not too thawed. I then realized that the recipe called for cooked chicken & didn’t walk you through that part so I just cooked it up in a pan. It was then brought to my attention that I needed two more cans of chicken broth. And I WAS NOT going back to the store. Will I ever learn?! So my mother got creative, she took the juices from the pan added it with some bullion and water and tada! Homemade chicken broth. I then got down to busniess…to sauteed… the onion 😉 and celery in the butter. It smelled and looked weird. After that was tender I added the garlic. And burnt it a little. Then came the flour, sugar ( yes sugar..) salt, pepper ad basil. When I cook I seriously thing I am doing it wrong the whole entire time.This was a huge blob. Not appetizing in any way. Then I added our homemade chicken broth and realized my pan was going to be way to small for what I needed to do. In the directions it says to pour all four cups into the pan, the peas and the chicken. So instead what I did was add half of the broth and the peas in the pan and cooked those as I was suppose to. With the rest of the broth and chicken I placed them into the casserole dish, and just mixing it this way. I was hoping that since I didn’t boil half of the broth it wasn’t going to become something nasty.So after I boiled the broth, the mixture and peas for five minutes I added it to the dish and mixed. We then thought to add some more celery since I think I chopped up mine too small. Now on for the dumplings! They were very simple. Just Bisquick, basil & milk. I plopped them on and baked it for 30 minutes, then for ten more covered with tin foil. My mama also made a yummy fruit salad to go with. She has some special idk spice (?) that she added to it (along with sugar). Very good. Chicken and Dumpling Casserole went over very well with the boys. I had to make sure there was some left over for my dads dinner. They were big fans of the broth. It smelled very good and tasted delicious! Lets see next time I make this (i say this every time) I will make sure I have everything….. Also I am going to have to buy a new chopper because ours is horrible! Yay! My mother always likes when I cook for two reasons, she doesn’t have to and we get to try out new things. Had a stress free cooking experience and had some nice hangout time with my Mama!  Message me if you want the recipe

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