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Garbage Pail Cookies

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So I chose Garbage Pail cookies for two reasons, it had M &Ms in them (yum) and it had crushed up potato chips in them (odd). First of all let me tell you trying to find Mini M &Ms is a pain! I had to go to FOUR different grocery stores! A lot of this recipe was prep. I chopped a whole bag of those snack sized bag of salted peanuts then put them aside. Then I got out my awesome Cars ziplock bag and started to crush up my chips. It was more effective to use a rolling-pin I found out. I soften my whole stick of butter in the microwave for about 19ish seconds. I then measured out my Reeces peanut butter chips & poured about three and 1/4th of the M&M tubes and I was pretty much set. I preheated the oven to 350 then beat the white cake mix(with pudding added in), butter, eggs (pretty clean), cinnamon in a bowl. And I almost made the mistake of using almond extract instead of vanilla! 😦 But I figured it out just as I was about to add it. It was the smell that gave it away. I beat that for about two minutes. Then with a rubber scraper I mixed in first the peanuts, then the Reeces Peanut butter chips, then M & Ms the more I added the more of an arm workout I got. The potato chips were last and made it pretty difficult, Once I got it how I wanted it I got out my scooper. For the first batch I tested out the cookies, to see how big they would get just to make sure they wouldn’t touch. They were fine. So for the remaining batches I added more cookies on the tray at a time. These cookies turned out ok. To me they seemed like a cookie you would eat at a party but not go back for more. They weren’t nasty but they weren’t awesome. I don’t think I will end of making these ones again but if you want the recipe message me. 😀